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    Fratres, for cello and piano by Arvo Pärt. I WILL learn this piece one day. Hopefully, I can put it on my senior recital in a couple years. 

    Reviving this post from two years ago because I actually DID learn it and just put it on my recital last month. Here’s a recording!

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    A Drone’s-Eye View of Fireworks

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    *smiles at dog*


  8. "Do you have black top hats?"

    you feel so stupid asking for help in a Party City


  9. elegant and perfect

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  10. Writing Guidelines

    This last quarter, I was a grader for a class on East Asian Politics and even though classes ended last week, I still have been finishing up grading assignments.

    I wonder if some of these students have ever taken a writing class before! I have seen all of the following errors multiple times.

    These things should be basic:

    • colloquial language (“Mao could not let this protest go”) and contractions (can’t, it’s) are not appropriate for academic writing
    • paragraphs rarely need to be longer than one page; consider revising if you have one that is
    • get to the point as quickly as you can; you probably don’t need a whole set-up/context paragraph that takes us into your paragraph with all your main points
    • proofread your paper so you don’t have careless errorslikethis
    • when you refer to someone for the first time, use his/her full name and title, if applicable
    • yes, your concluding paragraph really should be just a restatement of your first paragraph. It’s that simple!
    • you don’t capitalize after a semicolon 
    • you indent by pressing tab (two spaces is not an indent!)
    • "cannot" is one word